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Friday, February 09, 2007

Virtual Fashion, Design, and Marketing

Boing Boing reports that Victoire de Castellane's new jewelry collection for Dior has a site within the massive multi-user on-line game Second Life, with a link to the original post at ShowStudio. Why, you may ask, should I care?

There are rumblings that sophisticated French netizens are embracing virtual on-line worlds and setting up shop. What better way to reach your demographic, than in the on-line version of guerrilla marketing? All you need is a team of techy nerd graphic artists to design your campaign and voila!

Let's see, first I have to figure out how to sign up and log in to Second Life. Then I have to be able to navigate in that world well enough to find the hot spot. We can assume that I already have a level of 21st century sophistication that is beyond high powered Wall St. exec that can't program his TiVo or enter phone numbers into his cellphone. You know, the one that sends you emails in all caps because he can't be bothered using the shift key. Or using spell check.
I guess within the designer/techno-nerd community, someone must be making money. How else to afford Dior Joallerie?

Designers, if you are tired of plying needle and thread, you can become a cyber designer and construct and sell clothing and accessories for online virtual worlds. A different skill set, to be sure, but at least you don't have to worry about cutting something the wrong grain, or slicing off a hunk of your armhole accidentally with your overlock machine. (Ask me how I know!)


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Hopefully fitting will be less of an issue, too!

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