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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Times Reporter Bitten by Sewing Bug

Michelle Slatella writes on cybershopping for the New York Times. Her column was in the technology pages of the Circuits section for ages. This week's article "On Pins and Needles -but Not Missing a Stitch" appeared in Thursday's Styles swing section, where one is now more likely to find her 'barely techno female wowie look what I found on the web' pieces. It is all about her newest addiction - to sewing.

She starts out small, as in doll clothes for a daughter, and wonders if she can make big people clothes too. Typical of a Slatella piece, she tells us what she's been searching for on the internets, and what she found. While some of us more sophisticated sewing enthusiasts can hardly argue with her mentions of Clotilde, and Reprodepot, why on earth would she devote her last paragraph to Joanne's?

We hope that Michelle's path to sewing excellence will carry her quickly past Joanne's and onward to Emmaonesock, Textile Studio, or Timmel Fabrics.


Blogger Nancy (nanflan) said...

I was also amazed by the amount of space given over to Bernina. Yes, good machines, but there are other brands too.


I guess I should be happy that sewing gets mentioned in the NY Times at all.

7:08 AM  

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